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In my capacity as attorney-at-law, I offer my clients legal advice and represent them in court and out of court. I'm a generalist with special knowledge in various areas of practice.

I advise and look after private individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, insurance companies, communities and associations.

Fields of Activity


  • Social security law

  • Liability and insurance law

  • Criminal law (private prosecution and defence)

  • Road traffic law

  • Contract law (particularly purchase, labour, lease, agency, enterprise)

  • Commercial and company law

  • Civil law

  • General administration law

  • Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law


Phone 032 323 01 01


Andreas Gafner attorney-at-law

19, Neuengasse 

P.O. Box 523

2501 Biel

Phone 032 323 01 01

Fax 032 323 01 03



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